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Inner city skyline with the images of the sisters in this Murder Mystery

S.U.G.A.R. is about the murder of quintuplets known as Sharon, Ursula, Gertrude, Annie, and Ruth. Their sibling rivalry and concealment of a shared dark secret come back to haunt them later. Now, in their professional careers. Sharon is a sexy and vivacious boutique owner who has affairs with willing men. Ursula, the bright and talented linguistic military officer assigned to a four-star general staff; Gertrude, the progressive activist and high school teacher; Annie, the brilliant trial lawyer who works in a powerful firm; and Ruth, a prison warden of a male institution that takes no stuff and is feared and respected by everyone in the prison. 


Detective Bowers is a man who wants to have a serious relationship with a soul mate but keeps coming up short. He then meets an attractive woman downtown in an office building and feels she is the one. As they court, his thoughts of true love are a real possibility. Their relationship is suddenly cut short, as his dream girl has to leave and tend to her aging grandmother out of the country, thus ending their relationship. 


Now free to focus on his job, Bowers and his partner Smiths set out to solve a cold case murder years ago that links their current case of the sisters who are currently being murdered decades later. The killer is very cunning and elusive and sets challenges for the police to such a level that Detective Bowers is almost killed for meddling in areas and accusing potential suspects who are so powerful that his superiors are afraid of them. But that does not deter Bowers from his solemn duty to catch the killer and solve the mystery of the sisters. 


Bowers's life is spared on two occasions for reasons he will discover later in the most unlikely small restaurant in France. It is a classic who-done-it cast in the City of Baltimore, Maryland. Will Bowers get his answers? Will he catch the killer? See how this mystery ends in this action mystery-burning page-turner written by Lloyd J. Wheatley.

About The Author

Image of Author Lloyd J. Wheatley

Lloyd J. Wheatley affectionately called (Jeffery) by his family and friends is an independent fictional writer and soon-to-be filmmaker. He has a master's degree in Human Resource Management, a bachelor's in Business Management, and an Associate's in Criminal Justice. He is a military veteran of the U.S. Air Force.


He has over 40 years of experience in business and sold his company of 26 years recently in 2019 to put back on his writing cap. His first book "Blain Hawk U.S. Marshal -The Complete Trilogy, was used for study at Delaware State University. His Electrifying Sci-Fi and Religious fantasy thriller "The Promise Keepers" has several mind-bending twists.


The current new release, S.U.G.A.R., is a murder mystery of quintuplets cast in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. A chess player, musician, and mentor, he loves music and talking with people about their interests.

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