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Blain Hawk ThemeLloyd J. Wheatley
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Black and the Native American United States Marshals worked out of Fort Smith, Arkansas, for Judge Isaac Parker, known as the hanging judge. These Marshals were active during the first reconstruction of America in the 1800s. Slavery was over in Texas in June 1865, two years after Abraham Lincoln's emancipation proclamation in January 1863 and during the post-Jim Crow era, where prejudice and discrimination were still very high. Their heroic actions led to taming the Oklahoma territory and cleaning up the corruption in the courts and the many ruthless outlaws. Action-packed with intense scenes cast in the Wild West, you may find yourself emotionally involved.


Many of these Marshal commissions, when ended, chose not to continue as the work was hazardous, and many died from being bushwhacked on the trail by outlaws. The story has a bonus where real people interact with the main character, Blain Hawk, who is fictional; their names appear in an Italic format. These individuals contributed to a better civil society through their inventions and military service. All are carefully woven into the ongoing plot of "Good" vs. “Evil” of Blain Hawk, U.S. Marshal, his family, and Johnnie Red's gang. Which one will be victorious in their efforts? Find out in this intense written epic Western drama.

Tapestry of most of the characters depicted in the book.

About The Author

Image of Author Lloyd J. Wheatley

Lloyd J. Wheatley affectionately called (Jeffery) by his family and friends is a native of Baltimore Maryland. He is a military veteran who has worked in Corporate America's fortune 500 companies for several years, to being a successful entrepreneur running his own business in the Luxury Limousine industry for 26 years to now a published author.


He possesses an A.A. degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, and a Master's degree in Human Resource Management and Finance. He has over 40 years of experience in Leadership and Management.  


He sold his Limousine Company and put back on his writing cap since his previous work Blain Hawk U.S. Marshal "The Complete Trilogy" was used for academic study at Delaware State University (H.B.C.U.) in Dover Delaware. He's been a guest speaker for the Mass Communications, writer's book club and the legendary Buffalo Soldiers of Delaware to name a few.


Lloyd also taught classes at Poly Tech Adult Education in Woodside Delaware. Classes include QuickBooks for small businesses, Supervisor and Leadership training seminars for fortune 500 local manufacturing companies employees.


An extrovert, entrepreneur, social equality conversationalist, chess player, and musician, Lloyd enjoys and takes delight in other people's interest.

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